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September 19, 2011 08:55 by KRM

Summer is over, at least as far as vacations go, and everyone is starting to get back into the swing of things, including me. Over the summer, I started work on a new book and let blogging slip for a while. The new book probably won’t be out until next year and, unlike my last book, will not be about politics. Enough about that though, politically, I’m back ready to swing for the fences.

Over the summer, I realized something. Americans are stupid.

Before you scream at your screen in protest of my over-generalization, consider who we, collectively, put in the White House in 2008. You can’t argue against me, because you know it’s true. I know you’ve heard the old joke used against various targets of ridicule, if X is the answer, it was a really stupid question. In this case, you’re thinking I’m thinking that if Obama was the answer, it was a stupid question. Hardly! I think the question was great, was just had stupid people answering it. The question remains and the country is starting to ramp up to answer it again. Sadly, I’m afraid the same people are going to come up with another stupid answer. It might be a different answer, but nonetheless, it will still be a stupid answer.

You are probably wondering to yourself now, what the heck is the crazy fool talking about and why am I still reading this stupid blog. If you’ve got this far, let me pose a question to you. Are America’s problems economic or moral? Hopefully a light just turned on for you.

When people let politicians get away with theft, they are no better than thieves themselves. Is there any difference between stealing something yourself, or letting someone else steal for you? How about life? Are we a good nation when we continue to allow unborn children to be sacrificed on the altar of the god of self in honor of convenience, selfishness and money? Are we a righteous nation when we are more concerned with the plight of our favorite characters on some TV show rather than how our neighbors are doing? Or more concerned with a sports team and all of its associated drama than the poor in our community?

When we elect politicians to take care of the things that we should be taking care of ourselves, we are acting stupidly and immaturely. And if we are so unable to live responsibly ourselves, is it any wonder that we are incapable of handling the responsibility of electing someone responsible to be president?

I think our current economic problems are a direct result of our poor decisions at the ballot box. And if we simply think that swapping out Obama with the Republican du jour will fix all of our problems and magically create millions of jobs, then you are stupid. Only after we realize the true nature of our problem, will we be able to fix it. And the problem isn’t that we have an expert campaigner but neophyte leader running the show in DC who likes to spend our money like there is no tomorrow. There are plenty of Republicans that believe that big government and more spending will fix all of our problems. Electing them may slow down the speed of our demise, but we will still march towards the cliff’s edge. We have to elect someone, not simply because they have an R or D next to their name, but because they are principled and will lead this nation away from the brink.

Until we come to grips with the same reality that our Founders understood, will we be able to get this country back on track. Until we realize that we are accountable, individually and corporately, to God, for what we do with the time we have on this good Earth will we be able to deal with the issues that face us. Freedom may be man’s natural birthright from God, but when we let ourselves become slaves to our baser instincts of greed, selfishness, convenience, sex, power, and indulgence rather than living righteously before God and man, we will continue to put into office tyrants who are no better than we are.

I’m calling our nation to get on its knees, acknowledge where we’ve gone wrong and pray that God Himself will heal our land and restore us. I hope that is your prayer too. If we don’t, enjoy what freedom you have, for it will be short-lived.

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9/21/2011 2:10:14 PM #


I came to the same realization over the summer. I always knew there were a lot of stupid people in this nation but i've recently realized there are far more than i thought. You may want this nation to get on its knees and pray to God for him to 'heal our land and restore us' but you and i both know that isn't going to happen. Seems most people only do that for the politicians.

Me, i think the only (inevitable) future is the splitting of this nation unfortunately. These stupid people are too idiotic to hold everything together forever and this landmass will turn back to being more tribal split amongst regions in the long term as our nation falls.

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