Simply Not Good Enough

September 27, 2011 08:49 by KRM

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times on various talk radio shows and cable shows.  All the right-wing punditry seems to pre-occupied with one thing – getting Obama out of office.  Their primary concern is which one, out of the current crop of Republican candidates, has the best chance of beating Obama.  That is the kind of thinking that will doom us.

Let’s be honest.  Not every Republican who has held the office of President has been a Knight in Shining Armor representing the conservative cause.  While I liked George W. Bush and his stand on social issues, fiscally he was more progressive than conservative.  The market foundation of this country is capitalism, yet he said, while in office, “I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system “.  And he created a whole new cabinet level agency – the Department of Homeland Defense.  Constitutionally speaking, wasn’t that supposed to be the job of the Department of Defense?.  And lest you forget, the patron saint of the right, Ronald Reagan, signed a bill giving amnesty to illegals. 

Bottom line, no candidate is perfect.  But that shouldn’t give us an excuse to simply pick the candidate most likely to beat Obama.  While I would certainly rather have just about any of the current Republican candidates over Obama, even George W Bush, some of them will just simply slow the process of government expansion down without doing anything to shrink it.  With the way things are that’s not good enough.

First, Obama is really, really weak.  People who know more than I do say he is worse than Jimmy Carter, often regarded as one of the worst presidents ever.  He certainly isn’t decisive and he certainly kept very few of his campaign promises (fortunately for us).  Potentially any Republican candidate could beat him if that candidate had the full support of the right and the Tea Party.  It wouldn’t matter how badly the press beat up on the candidate if there was overwhelming support for the candidate.  We need the candidate mostly likely to stick to small government, conservative principles.

Second, the soul of our nation needs reviving.  Obama came in with great pomp and aura of goodness that gave people hope, at least the ones who bought into his airy campaign speeches.  He has not lived up to the expectations he created of himself, and in doing so, shattered the perception that one man really could make a difference. He has done nothing to challenge America to be a beacon of freedom or a fountain of ideas and industry.  Instead, he’s instigated class warfare, dramatically increased spending, and continues to push for higher taxes.  We need a leader who will lead, not play petty partisan games and tilt us ever closer to socialism.

Now is the time for Americans, especially on the right, to pay attention, to do their homework, and to really understand what candidates stand for.  We desperately a candidate who will unite us, not divide us, who understands that more and bigger government isn’t the solution to our problems, and that America is only great when America is morally good.  Anyone else, even if they can beat Obama, simply isn’t good enough.

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