The Trouble with Tribbles

May 2, 2010 19:30 by KRM

OK, I’m a geek (you should see my office and the number of tech gadgets I have) and I’ve seen my share of Star Trek episodes.  One of my favorites was the episode, The Trouble with Tribbles.  Like some kind of galactic Casonovan super pet, these fuzzy little wonders reproduced so quickly and rapidly that they made rabbits and mice look like rodents abiding by Chinese one-child population policies.   Additionally, they consumed whatever edible resources they can find, often leaving a planet barren by their ravenous hunger.  For some reason, they strangely remind me of government programs.

We were sold, well, maybe not sold, so much as force-fed, the idea that the healthcare reform package was going to solve a long litany of ills in this country, the greatest being providing healthcare coverage for everyone including those not currently covered.  They even promoted the outlandish notion that government-run and -managed (hmm, sounds like socialist) healthcare would somehow be an economic boon in that it would create jobs and improve the economy.

But like all things that are too good to be true, especially if you were of the unenlightened position that Obamacare was too good to be true, it’s already been shown to be just that.  The ink has barely dried from That One’sTM signature that wrapped this economic noose around our collective necks, when it comes to light that Health and Human Services had a report, available a week before the vote but just recently released, that showed that Obamacare was not “all that and a bag of chips”.  Obama and select Democrats were aware of this report, but chose not to release it because they didn’t want to influence the vote.  And after release, Sebelius apparently noted that it wasn’t the official position of the Administration, although it was a non-partisan, actuarial report.

According to the National Review, these are a couple of the nuggets in that report:

  • 14 Million people will lose employer coverage by 2019
  • Half of Medicare Advantage seniors could loser their coverage
  • Drug and medical device prices will increase because of new fees and taxes
  • “CLASS Act”, a program for long-term-care insurance, is seriously risky to the point of unsustainability
  • Government spending will increase in the next decade by $251 billion, not decrease as promised
  • By 2019, 23 million people will still be uninsured
  • By 2019, 15% of all providers treating Medicare patients will be operating at a loss because of cuts in Medicare reimbursements (forcing closures of hospitals, doctors offices and nursing homes).

Is it any wonder that they didn’t release this report before the vote occurred?  If the Bush administration had hidden a report this devastating before a Congressional vote, Democrats would have screaming for impeachment.  Is it any wonder that Obama’s poll numbers are in the toilet?  For all the narrow-minded left-wing bigots who believe that the right doesn’t like or trust Obama for racial reasons, maybe they need to ask themselves why, if Obamacare really was all that the administration proclaimed it to be, why this report never saw the light of day until after the vote?  Could it be that the sole intent of this administration isn’t to help people, but like Nimrod of old, to grow government into an all-supporting, all-sustaining entity that can provide everything we need (at no small cost). 

I think Obama just about admitted as much in a commencement speech he made at the University of Michigan this weekend, when he said, “For when our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it conveniently ignores the fact in our democracy, government is us.”  Unlike Ronald Reagan who believed that “government wasn’t the solution to the problem, it was the problem” Obama doesn’t see us, he sees big government.  And until we vote that kind of mindset out of office, just like tribbles, government is going to continue to expand and devour resources.  The real question is, will we wise up before all our resources are gone and our economy implodes?

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