Cradle to Grave

Pursuing our own happiness is a right that comes with responsibility.   If we are able, our “contract” with America is that we will earn a living and provide for ourselves so that others don’t have to.  We are responsible for our own food, clothing, shelter, higher education, healthcare, transportation and entertainment.  When the government attempts to control any of those areas, it is taking away responsibility from the people in two ways. 

First, if we are not handling any area of our own welfare, then we are not being responsible in that area.  When the government mandates that everyone gets free healthcare, we’ve lost responsibility of caring for ourselves.   We all know that we only cherish those things which we have an intrinsic, vested interest.  Our kids are great example of this.  When a child loves a toy, they guard it jealously and treat it gingerly.  If they let someone else play with that toy, the other child is not as likely to respect the toy as much as the owner.  If we are not responsible for our own health, will we take care of ourselves as well as if we were?  Some will, simply because they are health conscious or have had past health issues.  But the majority will not, which will drive healthcare costs up even more.

Second, in an area like healthcare, when the government steps in, they are shutting down the opportunity for many professionals to take responsibility for their own happiness.  If you are told where you can practice medicine, how much you can charge, how many patients you can have, who you can treat and for how long you can treat them, you are no longer free.  When the government comes in and says I have a right to a doctor’s services at a set price, the very services that he or she may have studied years to acquire at great cost, the government turns that doctor into a slave of society.  It is immoral to allow the government to lay claim to someone simply because of the career they picked.  How long will the healthcare industry last, when doctors realize that their profession no longer affords them the respect that they have earned through years of hard study and work because we can all lay claim to their expertise?  How long will our economy last if the government gains control of something as large as the healthcare sector?  According to, the federal government, for 2009, accounted for 45% of GDP.  And according to the National Coalition on Healthcare’s website (, healthcare, in 2008, accounted for 17% of GDP.  If the government takes over healthcare, it will control 62% of the GDP.  It should scare you to think that a government that invests in such things as a bridge to nowhere in Alaska or spends $19 million on a study of cow flatulence will be in charge of your healthcare and your life.