A Major Blunder

May 20, 2011 17:20 by KRM

Question:  What is slow-witted, eats grass and says “moo” without a teleprompter?

Answer: Obama riding on a cow

This president is determined to become the butt of stupid jokes.  Just when you think maybe he finally has act together he has to go and give a “major address” which turns out to be a major policy blunder.  In case you didn’t catch it, he told the world and Israel that they should accept the boundaries from 1967 for the creation of a Palestinian state.

How would you like if the president of Israel announced that it was the policy of their country that our borders should be adjusted back to 1861 so that the South could stand up as its own free state?  OK, some would like that, but I’m pretty sure most wouldn’t.  Or what if the president of Mexico declared that we should revert back to the borders prior to 1848 (where we’d lose Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Wyoming)?  Or if the president of France said the borders should go back to 1802 before the Louisiana Purchase (where we’d lose 15 states across the middle)?   Or if Russia decided that Seward’s Folly was their own and decided our borders should be drawn to 1866.  Or the Japanese decided to side with Hawaiian secessionists?

We wouldn’t particularly take to kindly to some outsider telling us we should redo our borders, especially when we'd be left with a much smaller country with much less access to natural resources.  And, if all the scenarios above played out, where would liberals go to for warm beaches?


Yet Obama has the gall to tell the Israelis they should change their borders to accommodate the Palestinians.  Maybe he should worry about the United States and our own history, before trying to play the role of Middle East Cupid.  Despite how taken he is with himself, with his level of political acumen, he’s not going to get the Palestinians and Israelis to get along.  But he is going to be a great punch line for a lot of new jokes.


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A Major Address???

May 18, 2011 20:12 by KRM
Tomorrow President Obama is giving a foreign policy speech that the White House claims will be a “major address”.  Knowing this administrations penchant for hyperbole, I’m expecting more this:
Than this:
 Hopefully, whatever it is he says won’t make the situation worse.  Or cost us more money.  Or more blood.  Or involve oil. 
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