Why Write a Book?

October 13, 2009 21:47 by KRM

I've always considered myself a Conservative, going back to high school. Like most kids though, I didn't really think about what it meant to be a Conservative politically, only that I identified with Conservatism primarily because of parental influence and religious faith.  And like many Conservatives, as long as the government stayed out of my hair, I didn't see the need to be really active.  I dabbled in politics through the 1990's in North Carolina as a county delegate, then in WA in the early 2000s, again as a delegate.  But in that amateurish involvement in the GOP, not once did I hear anyone espouse the foundations of Conservatism.  The main concern was always about putting the candidate most likely to win forward, with little regard to that candidate’s adherence to core principles.  We see where that got us with George W. Bush and John McCain.  While I have tremendous respect for both of these men, neither are classically Conservative.  If it weren't for 9/11, Bush had intended overhauling education, but not removing the federal government from that space.  And John McCain, a true American hero, was too willing to compromise with a partisan opponent without actually getting any compromise in return.  Sometimes no progress is better than progress that comes with too many strings.

So, in an effort to really understand what Conservatism is myself and how it is under constant attack, I decided to research it and write a book.  Evidently Not is the fruition of that labor.  It attempts to explain what the foundational principles of this country were and how they still are a valid framework for governing today.  A good conservative book has to, of course, expose the liberal thought for what it is.  And I unload on how modern liberals are undermining the very foundational principles that made this country great. 

After completing this the week of July 4, 2009, I sought out both agents and publishers, only to be continually rejected.  Most rejected for reasons like "this title doesn't fit with our catalog".  However, one agent suggested building a platform, or audience, before attempting to get published.  Well, when you have a wife, 3 kids and a full-time job, then finding the time to "build an audience" can be a challenge.  So I decided the best way to build an audience was to publish it myself and begin blogging about the topics in the book and current events.

Click the Book Excerpts link at the top on the main page to see excerpts.

The book will be available shortly on https://www.createspace.com/3391598.

Update: Evidently Not is now available!!!

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