Diminishing the Meaning of Value

June 27, 2011 08:37 by KRM
The problem isn’t that traditional marriage is threatened, but the effect that such recognition has on the culture itself. First, while traditional marriage is still better, allowing homosexuals to use marriage as equals creates a false sense of equality that undermines the very meaning of value in a culture. Just because a court ruled or legislature deliberated in opposition to Natural Law doesn’t negate the Natural Law. Natural Law, whether recognized or not, supersedes man’s law. Because people inherently know natural law, even if they favor gay marriage, for whatever debased reason, they know that this false sense of equality exists – that we are placing value on something where no value exists. This will create tension in society and a sense of injustice that will permeate the entire culture. [More]
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Graduating Summa Cum Stupid

June 3, 2011 17:13 by KRM
When some great benefactor donates a huge sum of money to a university, what is the response by the university? Is it not usually to name a school or a building after that person? And when some wealthy landowner gives an estate to a city or state for a park, isn’t the park usually named after the one who donated it? In our culture do we not generally honor those who so generously give of themselves back to the community? [More]
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