When Those on the Right Are Wrong

January 12, 2011 09:37 by KRM
The drama unfolding over this tragedy isn't just happening on the left. While the left is busy trying to lay blame for a deranged psychopath at the feet of talk radio, Sarah Palin and every other conservative voice they want to silence, the right is acting just as crazy. While I don’t believe, and facts in the case are starting to prove, that the monster Loughner was politically motivated, violence sometimes is politically motivated. And sometimes, that violence is warranted. [More]
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The Vigilant, The Active and The Brave

July 6, 2010 08:59 by KRM
Another Fourth of July has come and gone.  Americans across the land celebrated the birth of their country with time off work, cookouts, parades, concerts, drinking and fireworks.  Personally, we had some friends over, grilled steaks and shot off... [More]
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